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A young, up-and-coming design studio based in Mumbai since 2019. We create products by blending sustainable materials with minimalist designs that have strong silhouettes and are functional at their core. With utmost attention to detail, every piece is designed, crafted and manufactured in India. Our style focuses on making timeless pieces that have a soul and that push past current trends. We strive for artisanal perfection that delivers sophisticated home décor and a touch of serenity to any space.

Harshita Jhamtani studied architecture from Mumbai University and specialised in Furniture Design from Florence Institute for Design International (FIDI). As a studio, we believe that the most sustainable practice for a designer to adapt is to create products that their patrons can buy once and cherish for a longtime. We bring this very dream to life by creating long-lasting unique pieces that shall take a small step towards accelerating the low carbon economy. 


“It takes a lot of hardwork to make something simple”



Our brand takes time to work with the client and customize our designs as per their needs. We offer several design suggestions after studying your space, requirements and budget specifications. Contact us for an appointment to discuss a tailor-made order and we will get back to you on the day and time that suits you.



Mumbai, India

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Mumbai, India

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