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"MuseLab's 'House of Curiosities' Illuminated: A Creative Collaboration in Kolhapur"🏯

Updated: Jun 24

MuseLAB outlines a 'House of Curiosities' in Kolhapur, India

The interior design project by Mumbai-based MuseLAB likens itself to a museum, with art, sculptures, installations and sculptural furniture decorating every nook and corner.

by Almas Sadique | Published on: Jul 12, 2023

We, Harshita Jhamtani Designs provided a 28-foot totemic ceramic lamp for the 30-foot high living room of this creatively designed house, along with a yellow flower wall light, an extendable totem shelf that doubles as a shelf, and a specially customized pair of totems for an indoor water feature.

Look at these below:

Harshita Jhamtani Designs’s totemic lamp

Image: Courtesy of Studio suryan//dang

Our yellow wall light in a lumber/store room transformed into an Escape Room!

The escape room is washed in shades of yellow

Image Courtesy of Studio suryan//dang

Another quaint but edgy piece is the Totem shelf, which extends to become a desk!

A perfect unit for savouring a moment of pause and reflection.

Image Courtesy of Studio suryan//dang

Check out these absolutely adorable customized water totems! The inspiration began with Aquaman and then evolved to the delightful world of Finding Nemo.

Image Courtesy of Studio suryan//dang

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