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Handcrafted from beige and red travertine, this unique ottoman/end table features a heart-shaped centerpiece holding and locking the two halves together.

Inspired by a childhood memory, my sister and I built a plush toy together! Before stitching it up, we slipped a small fabric heart inside, warming it in our tiny palms before tucking it in. It was our secret, making our toy feel alive, like it held a piece of our love.

Wanting to recreate that warmth and love, StoneHeart comes in two halves, like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Without something to unite them, they’re just two lonely pieces of stone. But just like in our childhood, this red travertine heart is the key to bringing the stool to life. When you place the heart in its spot, the two halves lock together, and the piece becomes whole!

It’s like giving a piece of our childhood magic—a tale of love, imagination, and the power of a simple gesture.

StoneHeart Travertine Stool

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  • Size

    The travertine stool is 

    18 " height x 13" x 13"

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